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Welcome to InvestGPS

Together our InvestGPS team has over 30 years of experience providing information and expert opinions on opportunities from across the globe. At a time when investors are facing ever-increasing problems and red tape, from currency restrictions to issues with property rights, we at InvestGPS face those concerns head on, giving our clients peace of mind and a sound layer of judgement.

We take immense pride in presenting only the best of property solutions to our clients. Since we ourselves often take advantage of these golden opportunities, we can uniquely provide firsthand, from the scenes information that no other international property company can.

We are widely known as the #1 provider of Global Property Solutions for international investors. We have provided solutions to hundreds of investors, from agriculture in Panama to hydroponics in Thailand, we bring forward opportunities that can solve nearly any diversification need.

About InvestGPS

Our Expert Team

Our InvestGPS team is a collection of client-centric, developer-minded experts who’ve spent years educating themselves, and clients, on the best investment opportunities across the globe. We strive to provide the most transparent and honest information about the projects we present.  This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Paulina Ferrin

Sales Operations Manager
Paulina is the administrative and operational manager for InvestGPS. She provides local knowledge and background for projects based in Central America.
Neil Mahony

Neil Mahony

Sales Agent
Neil is an experienced Sales Agent with InvestGPS. He specializes in agriculture and real estate projects, providing expert information on both fronts.

Darren Mahony

Sales Agent
Darren is a client-centric Sales Agent with InvestGPS. He specializes in real estate, aquaculture, and organic projects, managing a high-level relationship with every client.
Evie Brooks

Evie Brooks

Sales Agent
Evie is an world-class Sales Agent with InvestGPS. A former Rich Dad, Poor Dad Elite Educator, she specializes in real estate projects, providing decades of experience in Central America’s top market.

    Welcome to InvestGPS. We offer Global Property Solutions for New and Experienced International Investors.


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