Organic Vegetables

Thailand Aquaponics System

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Organic Aquaponics System In The Heart Of The Asian Market

Increased demand for organic vegetables and fish, especially in the Asian markets, has aquaponics becoming a key player in sustainable food production.

Investing in Aquaponics allows you to own a tangible asset. The entire system belongs to you, providing both material and resale value. You also have a working asset that has dual profit production. The ability to harvest both fish and vegetables provides market diversity and staggered cash flow.  The real value on your investment is that it is fully managed. It is a passive income model where you don’t need to monitor your asset on a daily basis. The controlled and automated environments where the crops are grown provide protection from climate, bugs, and other factors which can effect other types of agriculture.

Progress: 40%

Available Units


Average Yield*

Unit Price

Min. Investment: $35,000

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