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Organic Mangos Produced In Sunny Panama

No question, mangos in Panama are an interesting agricultural investment opportunity right now. All plantations, though, are not created equal. Just planting any type of mango tree on any piece of land isn’t going to get you the return you’re after as an investor. As with any agricultural undertaking, the species of the product, the type of land, and the team managing the plantation are critical factors.

Mangos are sold both as fruit and as pulp for juice processing, and they produce seeds that are ground into a paste (called mango butter) used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The butter has qualities similar to cocoa butter and, like cocoa butter, is good for protecting and moisturizing your skin.

A general risk for any agricultural undertaking is lack of irrigation. Mangos, though, are deep-root trees that don’t need irrigation once established. Their roots go deep into the ground searching for water, making the trees drought resistant, meaning that, even during an extended Panama dry season, mangos should pull through with little stress…as long as they are planted on good land.

The developer does deep soil studies on each piece of property he buys to make sure the land is suitable to mango trees and maximum harvest yields.

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